Friday, September 27, 2013

"Play"ing with Literacy

Calling preschool teachers and parents!  Here are two helpful hints for developing language arts skills:

Want to encourage oral language skills? Make a pretend microphone out of a paper towel roll and tin foil Have children look out the window and imagine they are a weather reporter. Ask them to describe the weather. Is it sunny, cloudy, cold, hot, rainy, etc.?  What should people wear when going outside?  When children “become”  someone else, the fear of speaking in front of a group or even the family can disappear.

Label items in your home and classroom. Kitchen center items, books, tables, etc. should "wear a word" so children can develop Concept of Print, see a meaningful visual of letters in use, and begin to develop a sight vocabulary. But, be careful how you label items. Take a look at the photo. What’s the difference between the two words? The top word is written with all capital letters. The bottom word uses lowercase letters. When labeling, be sure to use lowercase letters. They more accurately reflect print in books. can even take the labels off and have children play a game by returning them to the correct item. 

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