Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

As families and teachers know, a birthday is an important and exciting milestone in a child’s life. There are many ways to celebrate and mark this occasion, but you can also use a birthday as a fun motivator for accomplishing necessary preschool learning goals.

Ask children to look through family photos. These should range from birth to the present. Talk with the child about the passage of time. This will help make words such as year and month more meaningful. Encourage your child to choose 3 favorite pictures showing different ages of growth.

Have your child put the photos in order from birth to present day. Ask the child to think about how he or she has grown and changed. Encourage the child to tell you something about each picture. Write the words under or beside each picture.

This helps children understand time passage (especially as birthdays approach!), use sequence vocabulary, practice oral language skills, and see that ‘writing is talk written down.’ What important learning opportunities along with a special way to celebrate a child’s birthday!   


 I was a baby. My dad had to hold me.

I got bigger. I could sit. I learned to eat messy food. I was funny. 


 I grew and grew. I went to school. It is my birthday!

*Teachers can send home instructions to families to complete this project at home. It makes a fun and meaningful family project.  Teachers may ask that the photos be bought to school for sharing time.

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