Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rain, Rain...Don't Go Away!

Children are natural conservationists! They appreciate Mother Nature. Help children to understand the importance of water in our world. 

Talk about the benefits of rain. 
Children enjoy playing in a warm rain!
Begin discussion of the water cycle by asking children what happens to rain after it falls from a cloud. Answers such as it goes into the ground or it helps plants and trees to grow are age-appropriate scientific understandings. Help them trace the idea that water can evaporate.
Children can collect rainwater.
Put out a glass and have children measure the water, possibly using Unifix cubes or other child-friendly objects. Give them the scientific word, evaporation, to use. We find children respond well to using "grown-up" vocabulary!

Encourage children to predict what will happen to the water. This is the beginning of scientific inquiry!

Explain how this water becomes part of the air (clouds) and falls again to the ground, lake, ocean, etc. 

The water cycle begins anew.

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