Monday, January 5, 2015

Play = Science Understanding

The wonderful world of play can help preschoolers learn important science concepts. As your children roll toy cars around the room, ask questions designed to get them thinking.

Questions that begin with the words, “what if,” encourage children to develop an understanding of scientific concepts. For example, ask questions such as:

·      What if your car didn’t have wheels? What might happen? This could lead to children using objects without wheels to try and make an object move. Children can then see the power of the wheel.

·      What if you used blocks to make a ramp? Would your car change speed? Have children change the slope of the ramp. This develops key ideas about slope and speed.

·      What if your car rolled on snow, rain, or rocks? What could happen?

These and other questions encourage children to predict and describe their play experiences.  They investigate and share outcomes. These are skills of scientists and necessary school readiness thinking skills.

For more on how vehicles work, share this video with your class. Ask children to share their observations about this machine at work. 

Note: Sharing observations are an important part of the scientific process and, of course, help to develop verbal skills and vocabulary.

Please sign-up for our FREE printable activities. You can use them in your classroom or send them home for family engagement. This week, we highlight the wheel!

Standards Alignment:

NAEYC: 2.D.03.; 2.D.06.; 2.G

Head Start: IV.A.; VIII.B.; XI.A&B.

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