Monday, September 5, 2016

FREE Activities - All School Year Long!

We know many of you are kindergarten teachers - or preschool teachers who are encouraging emerging readers. We hope you will sign up to receive our free - yes, free activities in English and Spanish. Each week you will receive a link, via your email, to a standards-based activity, just right for your young learners.

What topics do we offer? Just about anything you can think of, from elephants to healthy eating to gardening, the list goes on. Speaking of the list, click here to see the wealth of information we have covered in the past.

You will see that this wealth of material reflects literacy, math, social studies, and science. We try to integrate subject areas as much as possible because that is how children learn.

As part of the activity, you receive a Dear Colleague letter, offering you more thoughts on how to use the activity in your classroom, complete with extension ideas. These letters also contain many of our teacher-tested suggestions for classroom management.

Spanish speakers and their families love receiving these weekly activities. You may want to copy and send them home. We know that reading to children always encourages literacy skills. The new Spanish text that is provided each week is a valuable way to get everyone involved!

And we never share your email - we promise! So sign up in the white box to your right.

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