Monday, January 29, 2018

Preschool Olympic Fun!

Drum roll please! It’s time for the Winter Olympics! You can help your children become excited and engaged for this world event by setting up an array of events in your classroom. Of course, everyone likes to win, but help your class understand that teamwork and relationships are also a key outcome of the Olympic Games.

You can encourage an appreciation for the community of athletes and the many countries they represent by showing photos of the flags of nations. Then make this understanding more developmentally appropriate by dividing your class into small groups. Give each group a large paper to create their own flag. Then have a parade of “nations” within your classroom.

Decide on a number of “events” that will be age-appropriate for your children. Below is a list of some fun activities that are sure to be enjoyed.

  • Toss crumbled paper in a trashcan
  • Count the number of crayons in a basket
  • Stack books
  • Use straws to blow ping-pongs ball into a box
  • Throw a beanbag onto paper plates
  • Have rely races where children walk like penguins
  • Put out buckets of cotton balls and have children use spoons to scoop the cotton into another bucket

When you are finished with the indoor fun, ask children to create medals. How fun to use cereal like Fruit Loops to create the iconic Olympic rings!

Other art activities to celebrate the Olympics include:

  • Make an Olympic torch using red and orange tissue paper stuffed into a rolled up piece of construction paper or in an ice cream cone. You may also cover a paper towel roll with tin foil as the torch base.
  • Create the Olympic rings using the outer rim of paper plates. Have children paint these rings.
  • Use torn pieces of scrap paper to create Olympic medals. Having children tear scrap paper develops hand and finger muscles.
  • Dip the bottom of a toilet paper roll into a tray of paint. Use this as a stamper to make the Olympic rings.

Of course, watch for any Olympic athletes that live near you. Follow their achievements with your class.

Standards Alignment:
NAEYC – 2.C.03 & 04; 2.J.05.
Head Start - I.C. & D; III.C.1.

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