Thursday, August 1, 2013

Read, Read, Read!

Read, read, read! The most important way to build future literacy success is to expose preschoolers to books…and lots of them.

As you read to children, encourage Concept of Print by pointing out the cover of a book and the way the pages turn.  Point to the first sentence and say, “Let’s begin reading here.” That helps a child know to look from left to right. You may even want to run your finger along the line as you read. This helps train young eyes.

You can even build comprehension skills! Talk about the pictures. Ask children to imagine what the book will be about, what will happen, and what the characters might do. This is an important step in making predictions, a key comprehension skill for the elementary years.

Why not print the illustration below? Have young children add details to show their own love of reading!

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