Saturday, August 24, 2013

Using Panda News To Develop Expressive Language and Numeracy!

In honor of the baby panda born at the National Zoo, we offer you this outline of a panda. Use it to encourage expressive language in children and to develop numeracy. Talk about the number of panda eyes, ears, arms, legs, and so on. Discuss the idea that pandas only eat plants. Ask children to contrast this with the healthy foods they eat.

If you have the favorite food of pandas, bamboo, nearby you could take a walk and look for it. Compare bamboo to other plants. This brings in size comparison. Discuss how bamboo is like other plants and how it is different from other plants you see.

Show children how big a baby panda is in comparison to its mother.  Babies are about 5 inches long when born. Find a toy or book that is about this size. Compare it to an object that is 4 to 5 feet tall, the size of a mother panda. What a size difference between a baby panda and its mother! 

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