Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Activities for Preschoolers: English and Spanish!

If you are here at Maggie’s Big Home, you know we offer you helpful ideas in this spot every week…but did you also know that if you sign up with your email address you will have access to even more ideas? Our Weekly Activity program for Emergent Readers will be available to you every Wednesday! And we promise, we don’t share your emails with anyone. So start typing in the white box on the right to begin receiving these FREE activities!

There are a variety of ways you can use our activities. Preschool and kindergarten teachers may want to print them out and use them at centers. You can copy and send them home as a family resource. If you don’t want to copy them, we encourage you to pass along our information to families. They can sign-on to receive these activities. We are free and welcome everyone.

And by the way, all of our Emergent Reader weekly activities are also available in Spanish! What a bonus!

We always include a Dear Colleague letter that is full of more ideas to help your young learners become school-ready. These ideas are sure to help any adults working with young children.

You can see a sampling of our activities under the Sample tabs above in both English and Spanish.

Be sure to sign on as we have many “extras” planned for this school year, including free printable level-appropriate books!

Stay tuned – next week Dr. Kathy will explain how to encourage young children to whisper! 

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