Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get the Attention of a Class! - Part 1

Looking for good listeners? Here are a few of our favorite ways to get children’s attention.

·      Use giant glasses or a big magnifying glass as in the photo above to let children know you are really looking for those who are ready for the next activity.
·      Remember the power of saying, “I like how Jennifer is sitting quietly.” Avoid saying the names of children who are not doing the desired behavior. This only reinforces it.
·      Change the pattern of your hand clapping – often we use only one pattern. By changing it daily you are keeping this fresh and teaching children to follow a pattern.
·      A toy microphone will often get their attention, especially if you say funny things like, “Reporting from Mrs. Smithy’s room where so many children are cleaning up like Bennett and Carlyle, and Mac…”

·      Stand in front of the room and mouth words – they are sure to stop and wonder what is going on!
·      Always give a warning when it will be time to stop an activity – say “And in 6.” Then start counting down.
·      Sing or play a different song each day to catch the attention of children. Encourage children to sing along!

Stay tuned next week for more "attention please" ideas!

Standards Alignment:
NAEYC – 2.A.07 & 2.A.08
Head Start – II. B & C

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