Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More Alphabetic Poetry

As Poetry Month draws to a close, we wanted to offer you a few more letter "ditties." We like to teach the alphabet in order of letters that are easy to recognize and have a consistent sound. This is why we don't start with a. This letter has many sounds ranging from short to schwa. Begin instead with letters like m, s, and t. Children can count on these letters to sound the same. As they recite the poems, have them write the letters in the air. You will also note that these little poems all have an environmental theme that you can connect to Earth Day. 

Who Am I? A Turtle! 

M is for me or my, you see,
This is my home, where I like to be.

I sit, I swim, I splash, it’s fun,
S is my special place in the sun.

My name starts with T – what am I?
A turtle on a log, warm and dry.

Continue on with other consistent letters.  

 Clean Animal Homes!

R is for river, fish and birds like it lots.
For animals, too, it’s a watering spot.

A raccoon finds its food near the water at night.
A raptor spies its meal from a high-flying flight.

There’s food in a river for fish who swim fast.
They eat little bits of plants they swim past.

So F is for fish and the food that they eat.
A clean river gives animals their tasty, good treat.

But something might show up in rivers, it’s sad.
L is for litter, a thing that is bad.

Throw trash in a bin, keep away that litter,
Help rivers stay clean for every animal critter. 

Standards Alignment:
NAEYC -2.E.05, 2.E.06, & 2.G.06.
Head Start - VII. B & E., XI. B. 

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