Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poetry Month: Celebrate with Letter Poems!

It's always fun when Poetry Month rolls around as simple rhyming stanzas help children get the sound of language in their ears. It's fun to combine this component of phonemic awareness, alphabet letter writing, and even science into one small poem. Below we have written a poem that highlights those pesky lowercase letters "with tails." We know they are difficult for children to form, as they often do not want to "go below the lines." Hopefully this little ditty will help them remember how to form these letters. 

P is for perch, parrot, and polar bear.

These animals all have a tail to wear.

A peacock’s tail is big and bright.
A penguin’s tail can be tucked out of sight.

Some letters have tails, that fact is true.
Help me name them, why don’t you?

The lowercase p goes below the line.
g, j, q, and y have the same design.

You can see that the rhyming words help with phonemic awareness AND children are reminded of letters with tails. Then...launch into a discussion of animal tails, your science lesson!

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Standards Alignment:
NAEYC -2.E.05, 2.E.06, & 2.G.06.
Head Start - VII. B & E., XI. B. 

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