Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Encourage Oral Language Development with a Plumbing Phone!

What in the world do plumbing pieces have to do with a preschool program? Guesses?

Our experience tells us these little components, easily purchased at any hardware store, can encourage language skills. Just put the pieces together, as shown below, and you have a listening "phone." 

Show children how to hold one part of the phone to their ear and the other part to their mouth. Children can easily hear only themselves as they whisper. And - they need to whisper as their voice will be too loud in the ear if they don't (that's a bonus!) 

Children love using their personal phones to talk about pictures in books, say the names and sounds of letters, count, or even read beginning sight words. They receive instant positive reinforcement in their own ear for their efforts. 

You can use these personal phones to have all children participate in observations outside. Just have them "dictate" what they see in the environment into their phone. Children love this! 

For our ELLs this provides a stress-free way to practice the English language. Only they can hear their efforts. 

Standards Alignment:
NAEYC - 2.D.03 & 04.
Head Start - VIII.B.


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