Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hide and Seek Letters

An important school readiness skill is the ability for children to identify the letters in their name. The first letter of a name is often the first letter a child learns. This is usually in the uppercase or capital form. But we often forget that the other letters should be lowercase. 

Write a child's name in big letters, using a capital letter followed by lowercase letters. Be sure to underline each letter. Have children point to the letters and say their names. 

Then cut this into small pieces of paper. This is why it was important to underline the letters! Children will know the line goes at the bottom. Encourage them to play with the letters and follow an example to put the letters together to form their name. 

Make letters even more fun by dyeing rice. Use a bit of food coloring and set the rice to dry. 

Finally put the rice and letters in a recycled bottle. What fun it is for children to shake the bottle and see the letters of their name! 

Standards Alignment:
NAEYC - 2.E.03 & 2.E.06.
Head Start - VII. C & D.

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